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Fiction Fight is the unlikely story of three circles colliding. Josiah Gillespie, the homegrown, heart-on-sleeve folkster from America and Cornwall who brings his honesty and focus to the stage. Chris Donald, post-hardcore kid fresh from the Yorkshire scene, throwing together orchestral sounds and waves of noise. Rachel Challis, drummer turned guitarist turned singer, who fuses the mess and melodies with rhythmic sense. They collide to make music that washes over the senses and sinks into the soul.

Fiction Fight are a band that paint landscapes onto wax and create chaos on the stage, always re-inventing sounds and looking for new ways to express life. What others have said about Fiction Fight…

“Fuzzy ‘drukqs’ style electronics that jitter and shake behind melodic guitars and soft vocals… a band with ‘one to watch in 2010’ written all over them”
(Bearded Magazine)

So Long, Farewell, Goodbye, I Love You

20th Mar 2013
So Long, Farewell, Goodbye, I Love You

After a decade of musical jestering Zang Productions Cheap Soma is finally to be shut down. We leave you with these parting gifts:

-One last album, called So Long, Farewell, Goodby, I Love You. It's free to download, and it features University of the King, Florent, Barrowclough, Benjamin Blower, Greybeard, Vincent Gould, Fiction Fight, Ebenezer,Bethan Marshall and Selina Blakeney.

-And also three music videos - dug out out of the vaults of unfinished Zang work. One for Selina Blakeney's Stay Tight, one for The Custodians' Sacred, and one for Benjamin Blower's Hey Hey Babylon is Dead...

With love x


22nd Sep 2011
Greetings Zang fans and fam,

Fiction Fight's new wonderful album 'I Am A Thief' is about to be released. Since the songs are psalms it seems appropriate to release them on a Sunday.

It's a Pay What You Wish release which you will be able to download from their homesite:

These ten new psalms might just blow your socks off. They'll at least remove your shoes. They helped me interact with the Infinite in a new way. I'm delighted to promote this beautiful piece of sonic art.

Fiction Fighters, thank you for making this delicate, warm, vulnerable album.

Your fan,

Joel the Custodian

The Custodians - Sacred EP

6th Dec 2010
The Custodians - Sacred EP
We heard an iconic track, we made a remix. That then spawned another remix, a remix of a remix if you will.

Then it all went crazy - behind the creators back - suddenly remakes and covers were appearing, the track was alive!

Here they all are in - The Zang Family Tear Down And Build Up The Custodians Sacred

This genre hopping release contains work by Benjamin Blower, University of the King, Fiction Fight, Greybeard, Kevin Toms (Ickberg, UotK), The Army of the Broken Hearted and Selina Blakeney.

We at Zang love this!

Availble at on CD from the Zang Online Store

Or as digital download at iTunes,, Boomkat,, Spotify...

Josiah Gillespie Remix by Fiction Fight

1st May 2010
Josiah Gillespie Remix by Fiction Fight
Josiah Gillespie is in the process of wrapping up his first Zang release, but in the meantime fellow Zang new-comers Fiction Fight have remixed a track from Josiahs forthcoming album.

The track is called 'Say Anything' and the 'Fictional Remix' can be got in the Free Download section right now...

Fiction Fight?

25th Apr 2010
Fiction Fight?
Something new is happening at Zang...

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