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Zang Babies Lyrics
Zang Babies

Zang Babies

Heads down -
race for the prizes.
Little round faces and tales behind us.
All the volts of 1000 electricity pylons
couldn't generate this much excitement.
Out of my way you son of a hormone,
You're too slow
and you'll never make it
to the ovaries before I will.
I'm willing to kill you
if you're willing to die;
let our DNA perish inside.
And if you're undecided
then turn back now,
because the stakes are too high
for your screwing around.
May the breath of life
never shine on your genetic spine.
If you're not for real -
go home.
So be it,
neck-a-neck to the finishing line.
See the egg like a moon on the horizon.
The birth of a new star in the sky.
The tragedy, trials, and glory
of those that live and die.

A beautiful thing
no preconceptions, tainted visions
conditioning the mind is clean...

Deep inside a cavern
where we've all been once before
kicking and eating and being
and floating in juices
and growing new pieces
that's what unique is
with no self-image
A trapdoor below
at the bottom of the mother ship
'I think she's gonna blow'
not yet you got to wait a bit
about nine months
then you can blow this joint
and get swallowed by the world
and it's endless days and nights
Take a tip from me
don't chase the wind when your free
from your mummies tummy
and what ever they say
it's all just lies
'cos everyone gets born
and everyone dies
All the little people
are just the same
isolated from this sick sad
twisted game
sitting in jelly looking like no other
sitting on the level with their
sisters and brothers

© 2006 University of the King
Snip (Snip Snip) Lyrics
Snip (Snip Snip)

Snip (Snip Snip)

Why does he have to be
constantly sucking on my toes
relentlessly chewing on my feet
it's tight in here that’s for sure
but I'm certain there’s no need for that
maybe he's hungry, peckish
or just discovered
he has a mild foot fetish
and what's this
that’s digging in my back
it feels like the sharp pincers
of a crustaceous crab
'what a crab'
i think there's one behind me
im talking to myself
and this is driving me crazy

Ow ow ow...
If that little punk doesn't
get his ugly foot out of my face
real fast,
I'm going to bite every last
one of his stupid toes off
with my gums.
Feel like sardines in a can.
Bullets in a gun.
You and me beloved brother,
we are an argument just waiting to happen.
So back off man
before I slap your head silly.
Wrap your umbilical cord around your little
I'll leave you crying like a baby
that stepped on a lego brick.
Heck, I don't want to -
so don't you make me do it.

I never really wanted to come to this party
and I don't really appreciate you ignoring me see
'cos sitting in this coo with you 2
aint my idea of fun
wish I had been born an only one
but can the see me?
can they hear me?
am I transient?
am I a figment of imagination
only made for entertainment?
this insistence on ignoring
my existence is wearing thin
you know, so, so, so,
to announce my presence
i give one of their backs a jab
but only turn around
and hear him calling me a crab
ah these little losers
are gonna be the end of me
gonna smack their heads together
then they'll notice me

We are the same, but very different.
Like Cain the weathered drifter,
and Abel the bleeding victim.
Like Esau the firstborn,
and Jacob the low-down trixter.
Will we be at war
just like our ancestors were?
Who the heck is he,
with the crazy old look in his eye?
Hiding there behind,
I guess he must be the silent kind.
From time to time I wonder
how it feels to be you guys.
The pressure is rising,
and the temperature is high.

Not so long ago we were small
and everything was ok
I didn't know what was happening
but I at least had room to play
then my home began to shrink
and close in
and i found myself
stuck where I am right now
and skin pushing in at my chin
I have hannibal in front of me
and lobster boy behind
and for some reason I love them
even though I'm stuck between them
like a battery hen
can't wait to make a great escape
can't wait to get outside
and get my feet back
and remove this jabbing from my spine

If I focus really hard
I'll make these stubby fingers sharp
fashion little scissors
from the fidgety fingers
reach over their shoulders
make sure I don't slip
reach for their umbilical chords
and snip snip snip

© 2006 University of the King
Womb Hugs Lyrics
Womb Hugs

Womb Hugs

Holy cow!
What are the chances
of ending up in here with you?
Lay back dude,
lets watch the cells go by.

© 2006 University of the King
Life After Birth #1 Lyrics
Life After Birth #1

Life After Birth #1

I got 9 months in the womb
before I pass through it
into death I guess.
'Cause who knows what's waiting
on the other side of this?
Be it hell or bliss.
Is there life after birth
do you think?

I suppose no one knows
too much about it at this stage.
But I'm getting on in months
and my age is against me.
As I grow
my world isn't getting any bigger -
stretching all around me.
I feel like a microwaved dinner.
(What's a microwaved dinner?)
What's a church?
What's a saint?
What's a sinner?

In the beginning I was thinking
about nothing in particular.
The universe was vast
and circular
and wet.
And always in debt to the darkness
which was all around us
for 1,000,000 miles.
With time and wisdom
my mind is thinking
that the universe is shrinking
and closing in on me.
What the heck?
I bumped my head
on the ceiling of forever.
And I'm kicking the walls of the skies.
you can open your eyes little man."
What's an eye?
Oh God please
let there be light.

Ow crap!
What the heck are these things
in my face doing to me?
The darkness has turned to pink -
whatever that is -
and something
on the outside of the universe
is shining inwards.

© 2006 University of the King
Just Inches Between Us Lyrics
Just Inches Between Us

Just Inches Between Us

Oh sweet father of few words,
you saw the angel from the LORD
pass by you in the temple.
But your faith was all little
and you wouldn't believe him.
Never the less I was conceived
at the dawn of the new age,
and until the time that I was born
you had no speech -
the moment you had something to say.
Gabriel said:
"I am on who stands in the Glory of God,
so you don't tell me what's not possible.
You can have your voice back
when you've mastered your thoughts."

Oh sweet mother of shame.
How many years of pain?
Childless and barren.
Tree with no leaves on.
The Glory of God says:
"Your time has come."
I, her son.
She, my mother.
The saviour comes after me.
The Almighty above her.
An only child
with 1000 brothers and sisters.
You've got morning sickness,
and your husband is crazy.
Raving about angels
in the presence of God's Glory.
And now God's Glory is standing
inside of a woman's belly.

Oh sweet aunty Mary,
I can feel you near me.
I can hear your feet
walking on the ground beneath me,
from here in the branches
of this ageing tree.
Your voice is singing its greetings.
My mother blows around in the wind,
and 1000 leaves fall to the ground.
Your presence is disheveling.
"Am I so special?"
she says,
"that the mother of my Lord
should come and visit me?"
The golden storm falls
and leaves us all naked.

Locked in a precious embrace.
Our mothers pressed their
pregnant bellies together.
My saviour and I put our ears to the walls
to hear each other's
little feet kicking
hearts beating
minds thinking out loud

© 2006 University of the King
139 Lyrics


When I'm floating around
you know if I'm upright
or upside down
look around, look inside
every thought, cannot hide
put me here, put me there
never lost, always in your care
right behind me, just in front
don't need to say it
you know what I'm thinking of
blow my mind with perfect love

Knit together a masterpiece
with the finest components
you could ever conceive
in a life-size incubator
watch me grow
even in darkness
Your light will glow
precious thoughts
too many to count
woven in Your image
every moment laid out
complex machinery
sown in love
every time I rise
right there by my side

© 2006 University of the King
I Love It Here Lyrics
I Love It Here

I Love It Here

I love it here.
don't make me leave into the night.
I can feel your heart beat,
and I'm warm all the time.

You're loving me from every side.
Your love never slides,
and I'm so warm and free.

I am so warm and free.
Your love is all around me.
One day I'll see your face -
So beautiful I'll cry.
Right on!
From the beginning,
straight into my belly.
I didn't do anything to deserve
this goodness to me.

© 2006 University of the King
The Wishing Well 51:5 Lyrics
The Wishing Well 51:5

The Wishing Well 51:5

Here at the bottom of the wishing well
I can feel the gentle squeeze of
a whole lot of pennies on me -
smells metallic and bloody.
I feel like a king.
Here in the money
with a bucket and spade.
And a smile on my face
like I made the grade.
But I cant grant your wishes
and I cant count this money.
You people are excited
but you don't even know me

Here at the bottom of the wishing well
hoping that I'm doing swell
Throwing in spare thoughts
all expecting and unattainable
laying all their cards on the table
hoping for a little one
so pure and true
just like the One in the stable
But in truth it's gonna be a little bit more
like Cain and Able
it's a gamble
it's a gamble alright
the future holds in store
a great fight for salvation
but there's evil lurking in the night

I'm getting bigger by the minute
like the tower of Babel.
Knock me to the ground
into dusty rubble.
My own human nature's going to
burst this bubble.
Time to walk home to Jesus...

Feeling a pressure all around me.
Engulf me with splendour and love,
because you love me so dearly.

© 2006 University of the King
Boy Oh Boy

Boy Oh Boy

© 2006 University of the King
Life After Birth #2 Lyrics
Life After Birth #2

Life After Birth #2

The end is near I can feel it
I'm scared but I don't know what fear is
what's at the end of my universe
so many questions I might just burst
but I have a feeling it might happen
to my cocoon first

Something told me it would al be ok
but I'd rather not find out and stay
it could be so incredible
but my outlook is doubtful
so I'll sit here
and let my mind wander
and count the days
'lets hope the darkness stays away'

Good and bad
right and wrong
day and night
I'll try and hold my head up high
who's scared not I
but if I'm honest I'm petrified
'cos I don't know whats outside

I need a pair of x-ray specs
then I could see outside and inspect
the landscape that comes next
if there is such a place
is it space
'What's space?'
all these thoughts are scaring me to death
I need to know that I'm safe

© 2006 University of the King
Air Bubbles In My Blood Lyrics
Air Bubbles In My Blood

Air Bubbles In My Blood

Woah woah! Swinging all around
smashing explosions
I think she's going down
grab onto something
as the ship capsises
she's going down like
the great titanic
is there an earthquake outside
the plates must be pushing
am I safe inside this cushion
I can't be too sure
what are they playing at out there
I'm beggining to wonder
if they even care

I put my hand to her stomach and "THUMP" -
I hear him kicking.
Put my ear to the ceiling -
I can hear her being sick again.
Woh! I get dizzy
as she rolls around in pain;
Jonah in the whale -
was the whale tame
(was the whale tame?)?
I'm in a bubble of blood,
and the blood runs cold
when I hear them
screaming on the outside.
The hurricanes happen all the time,
and I already feel old,
but the night is so young,
and I've got air bubbles in my blood.

Mother. Father.
Bleeding hearts are
beating faster
to my birth.

My blood, air bubbles
my folks, i love you
your blood, my troubles

Rivers flowing
but I don't like the taste
I'm zoning out
and I'm losing the race
the tornado is screeching
winds batter the house
I can't understand
what all this hostility is about
smashed to teh ground
barking hounds
eyes stuck shut
and I'm feeling around
searching for something
that will keep me safe and sound
some breathing apperatus
a helmet, and some goggles

Air bubbles in my blood
and it feels kind of fizzy,
and it tastes kind of sour,
and it makes me feel dizzy,
and its giving me gas,
and I'm feeling kind of
queezy in my tummy.
Aaaagh! What the heck?
Muffled voices.
Terrible choices.
Feel slow and stupid,
and happy and sad.
All hands on deck,
I think I'm losing the joystick.
Your blood's gone fizzy
and I feel sick.

Mother. Father.
Bleeding hearts are
beating faster
to my birth.

My blood, air bubbles
my folks, i love you
your blood, my troubles
mother, are you ready?
father, im coming
mother, get ready
get ready, get ready

I feel love.

© 2006 University of the King
In Transit

In Transit

© 2006 University of the King
Life After Birth #3 Lyrics
Life After Birth #3

Life After Birth #3

I'm restless
I've been stuck in here to long
and I'm just not sure
what exactly's going on
but I've had enough and I'm furious
I'm on the edge and feeling wayward
I've got a plan
are you in or not?
I can get us out
are you in or not?

You hold in the silence
and give me 5 minutes
to think about my answer.
This could all end in disaster.
End in bandages and plasters
for the both of us.
Mark my words,
it always does.
You - little brother - are a doofus
and you know it.
Like last week when you did a little poop
and turned the whole universe
into stinky hot-chocolate.
I sure would like to leave
but I got dreams of my own, bro.
So you go your way
and I'll go mine.

hmmmm, I'm not coming

Whatever, I can't waste time
talking to you guys all day
I've got bigger fish to fry
and I need to get me some supplies
for my journey
I'm setting off in 2 days time
I guess I'll see you suckers
on teh other side

On the other side?
But is there life after birth?
Is there a portal
with the girth for us to pass through
to ouside of the universe?

The big day, the breakout
I'm all by myself
but ready for anything
I'm heading upwards
I've seen a hole right up there
near the oesophogus
right now I feel just
like the guy in Cliffhanger
dangling precariously
with a nasty drop
directly beneath me

I'm heading south
and its smelling kind of crappy.
Like a sloppy bouncy castle
made out of used nappies.
(What's a nappy?)
I don't know
but I'm not ever going to use one.
This is disgusting.
I'm going home.

Oh man
this tunnel's getting pretty thin now
but I can see outside
and even get my fingers out
I guess I'm gonna have to turn back right now
even though I've come so far
man this is typical
I thought my plan was precise and clinical
must have taken a wrong turn
'cos this tubes way to small
thought I'd take my life into my hands...
but ended up a fool
what am I doing here?
what happens next?
who holds the answers?
who clears the debt?

Hey where did Kev go?
Who's Kev?
He's the dude. That's his name.
What's a name?
I don't know.
Shut up.
No you shut up
There he goes.
He's getting swallowed
by a big bright light,
to the glory of the daytime
from the comfort of the night.
Alright! I think its time buddy.
You go first.
No you go first.
Shut up and hug me.
I want to ride the pony.

© 2006 University of the King
Geronimoses Lyrics


is running out
I've got so much to do
so much stuff
before i pass right on through
to where ever
light is passing through
at the end of the tunnel
and pulling like a black hole

Frail and tired at the back of forever.
9 months old, trying to hold it together.
Tired of thinking. Steadily sinking.
I've seen everything there is to see here

Heads up and Race for the ocean!
Forget what's behind me
and look straight ahead.
Chased all the way by the ancient Egyptians -
And the Pharaoh's right there,
with his head-dress on,
looking right at me
with a sword in his fist.
Stranded on a paradise beach
in between the army,
and the terrifying waves of the Red Sea.
But You never let me down once yet.
And You never left me alone for a minute.
And you never let my heart stop beating,
through life, or birth, or death.
I can see your right hand smash down
into the middle of the ocean,
and the river runs red.
Grab me by the ankles
and drag me backwards through the hedge.
to the other side
just like You said

© 2006 University of the King
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Cat No: ZANGCD0006
Release Date: 6th November 2006
Release Type: Album

The second full length album from University of the King.

These previous one was all about death, this one was all about birth.

Pioneering philosophical hip hop storytelling Stories from the womb.
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Josiah Gillespie
Bethan Marshall
University of the King
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