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Benjamin Blower - Babylon Is Dead Vol #1

Babylon Is Dead Vol #1
Hey Hey Babylon Is Dead

Hey Hey Babylon Is Dead

© 2008 Benjamin Blower
An Ugly Divorce

An Ugly Divorce

© 2008 Benjamin Blower


© 2008 Benjamin Blower
The Love Songs Of My Generation

The Love Songs Of My Generation

© 2008 Benjamin Blower
O Lord I'm Bleeding

O Lord I'm Bleeding

© 2008 Benjamin Blower
Cat No: ZANGFD001
Release Date: 6th February 2008
Release Type: FREE EP

This is part 1 of 7. Made of the thoughts written below.

It's available for free here.

Ugly Divorce
We Divorced Ourselves from God
& Became gods Ourselves

We divorced ourselves from God & became gods ourselves. They said we out-grew Him, and that we would be happier without Him. And so it is that to talk about God is to curse and to blaspheme, and to curse and blaspheme God is to breathe, to think and to praise, and to participate in the songs of the ruling order.

We divorced Him in a hot fling of ideas and dreams, desires and fears, and now we have made ourselves the centre of all things. It came easily. It felt natural and right. It felt like the right time, you know? It felt good. A moment of brilliance. And now we really are the centre of all things.

Our parents had told us that the world doesn't revolve around us, but we surely uncovered their lies, told out of convenience, out of a weak nostalgia for the past and a strong fear of the future. Usher, Asda, Virgin, Spears, Orange, Murdoch, Gaga, Radio One and the rest of the saints; these were not afraid of the truth. The world does revolve around us. The world revolves around me - what I think, what I want, what I choose. Galileo was wrong.

We rejected God's morality, so that we could build our own moralities; such that suited our interests. We rejected God's authority, so that we would be answerable to none but ourselves. We rejected God's paternity and love, so that we could be free of the responsibility, to love Him back. We divorced ourselves from God and became gods ourselves.

Finally we had escaped the tiresome bonds of equality. Finally we had escaped the realm of the same one love, and reality opened out into the multitude of desires. We disconnected from each other, our bonds and entanglements, our great confusion of interests. How fast we could move alone! Relative to one another. There is no precedent for equality here. We left God and there is no ceiling of absolute morals over us now. Morality is relative, and so there is no basis for human rights or wrongs, or right and wrong. We have no particular values and we have no particular value. We are the illegitimate children of nothing, with nothing left to do but try to prove our worth to none but ourselves, since no one need any longer consider anyone else.

We divorced ourselves from God and became gods ourselves. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s every man for himself. Let the weak fall by the wayside, because we are now only worth as much as we are rich, or beautiful, or useful. We have no innate value, no innate identity.

We became gods, and so it is that we please ourselves. And so it is that selfish interest has become the very foundation of our society. If it were taken away, could anything remain standing? And so we repeat the mantras and quote the sages to one another; “Follow your heart… Be true to yourself… You have to look out for number One.”

We found ourselves, then, like slaves, doing whatever we were told to do, wanting whatever we were told to want, chasing whatever we were told to chase . . .

This is a religious society. Idols and shrines to the gods are set up everywhere we go: on every page, on every channel, on every street, in every shop, in every home, and in every heart. TV, pay rise, alcohol, new car, Friday night, younger flesh, weed, porn, bigger breasts, clearer skin, property ladder, 50% extra free, and so on. Here in the middle of a million idols and anaesthetics we have become pacified and completely apathetic. You could take every bit of dignity and reason from us and we wouldn’t even notice, because we are too busy chasing the desires that other people hang in front of us.

Where self-centredness is the ultimate principle, those who can gain from others’ losses, will do so. It’s a game. It’s monopoly. It’s the economy. Its illegitimate gods fighting for significance. Drink more and think less - it’s good for the economy. Retain the body of a sixteen year old girl at all costs - it’s good for the economy. Spend yourself into the red with credit cards - it's good for the economy (yes, we really thought so). Sue somebody because you fell off your ladder - it's good for the economy.

We're dogs chasing sticks for thieves. We're idiots chasing fallacies, enslaved to the means for creating other people's money. We do whatever we’re told, and somehow we still believe that we’re the masters of our own lives. That we're gods.

Our ugly divorce naturally lead to the enslavement of the many by the few, but this structure of power was typified all circles, all walks, and on every level. There is no us and no them here. Our deity was gratified with every opportunity to enslave and oppress. We did not hesitate to each enslave one another.

We became gods. Every man for himself. We’re not givers, we’re takers. We’re not lovers, we’re consumers. Sex is like food to us; pure sensory pleasure, divorced from all human relational significance. People are like disposable cameras; we take nice memories and we throw away the carcasses behind us.

We made mutual use of each other to prove ourselves to ourselves; your desirability as a product, my prowess as a consumer, because we have no innate worth. And we used each other for our own amusement, like we would any other product, because other people have no innate worth either. What is love but consumerism? A person is a commodity for social, emotional and physical satisfaction. Sometimes we are the consumer, and sometimes the product. Sometimes the slave, sometimes the master. And generally we are all at once.

We said that we were defining our own relational moralities in this endless galaxy of sexual possibility which have broken out into. But then we all ended up doing much the same things anyway. Infinity. Boredom. Despair. Fallacy. How sad the paradox? Sexual roles have been defined by the media in the interest of the economy, and power, and the selfish desires of men, their gratification and amusement. Here in the realm of passive obedience we still like to talk as though we were masters of our own existence. The gods.

We divorced ourselves from God and became gods ourselves, and presumptuously we have lived as though we would never die. And God has become a man and married Himself to the human fate and died. "We have so little in common these days", we said to Him as we made up our minds to leave. And that was true.

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