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16th Jan 2010

YOU in the next Army of the Broken Hearted video...!

YOU in the next Army of the Broken Hearted video...!
Zang wants you to come star in the live music video for The Darkness Doesn't Love You Baby, Come Out While You Can, which is the title track from the forthcoming Benjamin Blower album. All you have to do is this:

-Show up at New Street in Birmingham. Meet by the big brass bull. 6:30pm this monday 18th.

-Get ready to yell the chorus. (Its the easiest chorus ever. You can hear it at the Benjamin Blower myspace page. And don't worry if you can't sing, that doesn't matter either).

-Bring a homemade music instrument if you want to.

-Bring your friends.

It'll be easy and fun. See you there then.

Mr. z

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