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20th Sep 2010

Waler - Formulas

Waler - Formulas
Today we see the release of Waler's first album on Zang.

After honing their work in a string of socially conscious dance/hip hop EPs, Waler have put together their Zang debut: an album of high-energy, idiosyncratic pop music. Vincent Gould and John Napier cut popular music to shreds and paste it back together into things crystallised - iconic upon first listening. Popular music boiled down to its basic elements. Popular culture stripped of every facade and pretence. It exists somewhere in the mind of the post modern, before it’s even been played.

Formulas: a tribute to early ‘90’s dance music, Italo-disco and 80’s new wave. Every loop, every guitar riff and every iconic chorus is loaded with irony and a grave suspicion of our inherited musical history, as well as fathomless love and nostalgia.

The album is available on iTunes and in the Zang Online Store right now.

It will be available on Spotify and most other digital download site from next Monday...

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