Zang Productions

6th Dec 2010

The Custodians - Sacred EP

The Custodians - Sacred EP
We heard an iconic track, we made a remix. That then spawned another remix, a remix of a remix if you will.

Then it all went crazy - behind the creators back - suddenly remakes and covers were appearing, the track was alive!

Here they all are in - The Zang Family Tear Down And Build Up The Custodians Sacred

This genre hopping release contains work by Benjamin Blower, University of the King, Fiction Fight, Greybeard, Kevin Toms (Ickberg, UotK), The Army of the Broken Hearted and Selina Blakeney.

We at Zang love this!

Availble at on CD from the Zang Online Store

Or as digital download at iTunes,, Boomkat,, Spotify...

the custodians, sacred, greybeard, university of the king, fiction fight, selina blakeney, kevin toms
Benjamin Blower
Fiction Fight
The Custodians
Josiah Gillespie
Bethan Marshall
University of the King
Selina Blakeney
The Zang Productions Ensemble
Vincent Gould