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8th Dec 2011

Joel The Custodian - The Visitors - Nativity Music Video

Joel The Custodian - The Visitors - Nativity Music Video
Another Christmas present for you all!

Joel the Custodian has produced a music video for the festive track - The Visitors.

From Joel - "Peace people, This is my entry to the Nativity Factor Video Contest [being judged by Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child among others].

Rap, astrology, prophecy, 8-sided dice and my daughter starring as an angel: the perfect combo. Watch, share, go to the Nativity Factor site and vote for it! Thank you & I wish you a  pensive advent!"

View the video on Youtube.

Please vote for the video over at the Nativity Factor Website, you'll have to scroll down the page a bit to find it...

By the way, this track is still available in our free download section :)

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