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26th Oct 2012

Come join in the new ABH video...

Come join in the new ABH video...
This Wednesday – thats oct 31st, Halloween – The Army of the Broken Hearted will be shooting a music video on the Number 50 bus in Birmingham… Anybody’s welcome. We’ll meet outside the Hare and Hounds on Kings Heath High Street at 7.45pm You’ll need £3.80 for a daysaver ticket.

We’ll be playing the songs Ride That Beast and Not Going to Buy it. You can shout along on the choruses (they’re not complicated…), and you can also bring a percussion instrument if you like. You can listen to the songs here and get familiarised.

Be aware, the video will be a big diss to the tabloid press’ empire of misogyny, and it’ll be affiliated with the no more page three campaign.

See you there.


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