Zang Productions

14th Nov 2011

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang!, an art party-cum-club-night concieved and curated by artist Trevor Pitt happened last Saturday at Vivid Art Gallery and we were very excited to be a part of it. We both contributed work as solo artists along with fellow artists Joey Vivo and Roseanna Velin.

"Pop Is Dead" by Vincent Gould was a makeshift funeral for pop music, complete with candles, a book of condolence, an urn and an order of service. Viewers were encouraged to light a candle and wear a black poppy to commemorate the death of pop.

"99 Red Balloons" by John Napier

I wanted to bring musical legends down a peg or two and remind us all that they are not divine beings whose work is unnatainable for us mere mortals. With this in mind I wrote some of pop history's most iconic and respected bands on loads of balloons, filled them with helium and slipped a tiny strip of paper inside each one with a specific criticism of that band or artist. At 11:30 I then went around popping each balloon to reveal the secret inside...

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