Zang Productions

1st Jan 2009

Another happy journey around the sun

Another happy journey around the sun
2009 is looking like a smoking year here at Zang. There's rumours of releases from the likes of University of the King and Joel the Custodian. Greybeard and Barrowclough are hard at work in the studio. Benjamin Blower and Bethan Marshall will be gigging. Selina Blakeney is finding her way onto everybody else's records. TV-Head is watching TV, and we think Ickberg may have been abducted by Aliens.

There will be free songs, videos and EPs coming out this year, so stay tuned in. Right now there's a lost song from Benjamin Blower's Pillar of Smoke sessions on the downloads page.

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Benjamin Blower
Fiction Fight
The Custodians
Josiah Gillespie
Bethan Marshall
University of the King
Selina Blakeney
The Zang Productions Ensemble
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