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More Benjamin Blower Goodness...

5th Feb 2010
We have yet another Benjamin Blower video for you all...

Better Be Ready is the opening track on Benjamin Blower's 2008 release 'The Pillar Of Smoke'.

This track was previously unreleased, but we have it for you now... Shot in Barcelona is looks beautiful.

A bit uncomfortable with singing the track out loud in a foreign land, Joel the Custodian was listening with headphones and clapping along to the beat for Benjamin Blower to mime along. We just about got away with it!

Watch it now: YOUTUBE | VIMEO
Benjamin Blower - I See Trouble Round The Bend

3rd Feb 2010
We took the opportunity to grab a live performance after the gig last Friday...

Here it is, Benjamin Blower and The Army Of The Broken Hearted playing on a central reservation in Digbeth, Birmingham.

I was cold, the camera and mic hands hurts a lot after being exposed for 3 minutes. Some people beeped at us, one bus stopped, and shouted something and then moved along, but it all added to the fun!

Watch it now: YOUTUBE | VIMEO
Benjamin Blower Live @ The Rainbow, Birmingham

29th Jan 2010
Tonight Benjamin Blower will be playing The Rainbow in Birmingham. Usual - Wood-strapped-to-foot, bin-hittin Scotsman - Christmas Carter is unavailable tonight but Selina Blakeney and Naomi Haworth will be helping Benjamin out.

More reason than normal for everyone to help out and be part of The Army Of The Broken Hearted!

Also playing is The Freelance Mourners, and these guys are really very good!

Get all the info in the Live section.

Mr. Z
New Benjamin Blower Music Video

21st Jan 2010
Thank you to everyone who made it down to Birmingham for the video shoot on Monday...

For those of you who did not... Benjamin Blower screamed the track 'The Darkness Doesn't Love You Baby, Come Out While You Can' in the Birmingham town centre. This the title track from his forthcoming album (out in March).

It was quite scary, some people told us to shut up, but we couldn't... we were mid take...

You can see the video right now at YOUTUBE

Mr. Z
YOU in the next Army of the Broken Hearted video...!

16th Jan 2010
Zang wants you to come star in the live music video for The Darkness Doesn't Love You Baby, Come Out While You Can, which is the title track from the forthcoming Benjamin Blower album. All you have to do is this:

-Show up at New Street in Birmingham. Meet by the big brass bull. 6:30pm this monday 18th.

-Get ready to yell the chorus. (Its the easiest chorus ever. You can hear it at the Benjamin Blower myspace page. And don't worry if you can't sing, that doesn't matter either).

-Bring a homemade music instrument if you want to.

-Bring your friends.

It'll be easy and fun. See you there then.

Mr. z
Greybeard - They Won't Find It Here: FREE EP

1st Jan 2010
Happy New Year Everyone!

We hare welcoming the new year in with a treat for you all...

We have pushed Greybeard into a corner and made him (against his will) release a free EP!

You can get the whole thing right now for free HERE.

The EP features 6 tracks which form half of a story... Read more about it HERE.

Mr. Z
Christmas Time Is Here Again featured on Brumcast this week

14th Dec 2009
The new Christmas single has been featured on the Birmingham podcast - Brum Cast

Its track 6 around the 22:45 mark...

Listen here
Christmas Time Is Here Again - OUT NOW!

14th Dec 2009
The new single from the Zang super-group 'The Zang Productions Ensemble' is released today!

The track, 'Christmas Time Is Here again' is a tribute to Christmas songs past, it has jingle bells, lush choral chorus vocals, trumpets, clarinets, glockenspiels, and lyrics that are actually Christmassy!

The single is available from:iTunes,,,, Napster etc...

You can watch the video at: Youtube

Let everyone know and help spread the Christmassyness!

Mr. Z (HO HO HO)
Don't Forget Last Years FREE Christmas Album!

13th Dec 2009
The Zang Productions Ensemble's "Christmas Time Is Here Again" is released tomorrow... But for those that need some extra Christmassy-ness today, go and download last years free Christmas Album - "A Zang Christmas"

The free Christmas album has 10 tracks on it with an accompanying music video for the track "Jumping Home For Christmas" with can be watched HERE
Christmas Time Is Here Again on Recharged Radio

11th Dec 2009
The new single Christmas Time Is Here Again is being played on Recharged Radio tonight on the Friday Forum Show, from 7PM.

Listen online at

The single is released proper on Monday 14th December...

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