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Benjamin Blower Bus Gig Videos

1st May 2010
The Benjamin Blower & The Army Of The Broken Hearted bus gigs went well, they didn't get told off and they didn't get mugged....

You can watch 2 videos of the track 'The Army Of The Broken Hearted' - taken from Benjamin Blower's lastest album

Bus 1 - Watch at Youtube

Bus 1 - Watch at Youtube
Zang artists featured on Brumcast

1st May 2010
Zang artists have been featured a lot during the last month on Brumcast, a birmingham based podcast playing non-genre specific music from the West Midlands...

Brumcast 157 'Graveyard Banter' - Listen Here
Named after the Ickberg track, this Brumcast features Ickberg as well as Benjamin Blowers 'Ringing The Bell For The Last Time'

Brumcast 156 'Blood On The Doorframe' - Listen Here
Named after the Benjamin Blower track, he is then accompanied by Josiah Gillespie with his track 'Between The Lines'

Brumcast 155 'Where has the money gone?' - Listen Here
Benjamin Blower makes is 3 in a row, this time with the track 'I See Trouble Round The Bend', Josiah Gillespie joins him again with the track '70 x 7'
Josiah Gillespie Remix by Fiction Fight

1st May 2010
Josiah Gillespie is in the process of wrapping up his first Zang release, but in the meantime fellow Zang new-comers Fiction Fight have remixed a track from Josiahs forthcoming album.

The track is called 'Say Anything' and the 'Fictional Remix' can be got in the Free Download section right now...
Fiction Fight?

25th Apr 2010
Something new is happening at Zang...

Benjamin Blower dates this week...

29th Mar 2010
Gigs happening in Birmingham and Coventry over the next week or so. Show up with a home made percussion instrument and you get to join the band. More details in the



22nd Mar 2010
Today is the day. The new album, the darkness doesn't love you baby, come out while you can, is now available on itunes as a digital download, or in the Zang online store on CD. It'll be available elsewhere next monday...
The Darkness Doesnt Love You Baby, OUT NOW!

9th Mar 2010
The new album from Benjamin Blower is now available.

The album is available exclusively online at iTunes from March 22nd, and then at most other major (and not so major) download sites the following week.

As ever, hard copies can be bought at the zang online store.

Check out some live videos of Benjamin Blower & The Army Of The Broken Hearted performing tracks from the album in various public places on the Videospage...
YOU in the next ABH video... again

1st Mar 2010
Come and be part of the next ABH video. This time we will be playing 'The Army of the Broken Hearted' on the top deck of the number 50 bus! All you need to know is this:

-Meet outside the Hair & Hounds pub on Kings Heath High Street (Alcester rd) at 8pm on Monday 8th March.

-Be ready to sing along on the chorus (a gorilla could sing it. take a listen on the Benjamin Blower myspace page...).

-Bring £2.20 for an evening saver ticket.

-Bring a homemade musical instrument, if you like

-Bring your friends.

That's all.

22nd Feb 2010
Benjamin Blower and friends will be your host in a night of poems, stories and apocalyptic cowboy songs.

Joined by Joel the Custodian, Michael Stork, and other heroes from the ABH, all to raise money for the relief work in Haiti.

This Friday 26th Feb. Doors open 7:30. Cost, 3 quid.

The venue, St Martin's Coffee Lounge, next to the big old church, next to big old Bullring.

Get yourself a coffee and a muffin and enjoy...
Benjamin Blower Interview @

8th Feb 2010
There is a new interview done with Benjamin Blower over at

Highlights from the interview (and taken out of context):

'My name is Benjamin Blower and I make apocalyptic cowboy music.'

'I intend to write a book'

'you’re in the band'

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