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Join the Army of the Broken Hearted for January Action

25th Jan 2011
The Army of the Broken Hearted will be hitting Union Street at noon this Saturday 29th January, right in the thick of the 2-dimentional, businessman-made, commercial deities that we all grew up to fear and desire. We, the ABH, will be contending for the sacredness of humankind against the sexual commodification of womankind for profit. Come along with your pots, pans and shakers and lets see how long we last.

Also, maybe ready to buy some flowers, if you like, because there's a nice lady selling flowers nearby, and she'd appreciate it.
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4th Jan 2011
2011 is now happening and we here at Zang are squaring up for Fction Fight's first ever long player. Barrowclough and Benjamin Blower have new releases in the canon. Selina Blakeney is sitting on a mine's worth of coal she's been crushing into musical diamonds ...and there's other things too, but we're not saying about that yet.

For anybody who need forgiveness, there's a new free download from Benjamin Blower's Darkness sessions.
A Christmas Tale by Selina Blakeney

20th Dec 2010
The Blakeney's just cannot stop... they indulge their penchant for yuletide melody unashamedly.

After suffering a Home Alone-esque-coccyx-bashing fall on the ice, and hanging out with the locals down at the laundrette, Selina was filled with overwhelming sense of Christmas spirit and penned this free track for all to hear...
Do You Hear What I Hear?

13th Dec 2010
Merry Christmas!

Right, to get you in the festive mood, Greybeard has recorded Do You Hear What I Hear? - A classic from 1962....

I like to think this was made famous by Gremlins when it is heard as one gets blown-up in a microwave and another gets blended, but I'm sure there are other significant moments that make this a festive great!

This was recorded straight into the laptop using the laptops built in Mic, so its a bit crusty-soundin' - but I think that is part of the beauty...

You can get it now in the Free Download area...
The Custodians - Sacred EP

6th Dec 2010
We heard an iconic track, we made a remix. That then spawned another remix, a remix of a remix if you will.

Then it all went crazy - behind the creators back - suddenly remakes and covers were appearing, the track was alive!

Here they all are in - The Zang Family Tear Down And Build Up The Custodians Sacred

This genre hopping release contains work by Benjamin Blower, University of the King, Fiction Fight, Greybeard, Kevin Toms (Ickberg, UotK), The Army of the Broken Hearted and Selina Blakeney.

We at Zang love this!

Availble at on CD from the Zang Online Store

Or as digital download at iTunes,, Boomkat,, Spotify...
Zangthology 2000-2010

9th Nov 2010
Zang very proudly presents ZANGTHOLOGY 2000-2010, a compilation celebrating the indie- label's first decade of work.

We have selected 30 tracks from the first 10 years of Zang featuring University of the King, Ickberg, Benjamin Blower, The Custodians and Bethan Marshall. For some of these tracks, it is the first time they have been available online...
Waler - Formulas

20th Sep 2010
Today we see the release of Waler's first album on Zang.

After honing their work in a string of socially conscious dance/hip hop EPs, Waler have put together their Zang debut: an album of high-energy, idiosyncratic pop music. Vincent Gould and John Napier cut popular music to shreds and paste it back together into things crystallised - iconic upon first listening. Popular music boiled down to its basic elements. Popular culture stripped of every facade and pretence. It exists somewhere in the mind of the post modern, before it’s even been played.

Formulas: a tribute to early ‘90’s dance music, Italo-disco and 80’s new wave. Every loop, every guitar riff and every iconic chorus is loaded with irony and a grave suspicion of our inherited musical history, as well as fathomless love and nostalgia.

The album is available on iTunes and in the Zang Online Store right now.

It will be available on Spotify and most other digital download site from next Monday...
Josiah Gillespie - 70x7 NEW LIVE MUSIC VIDEO

12th Sep 2010
There is a new live video up of Josiah Gillespie and band playing '70x0' - the second track off his debut album...

We went out and shot a few videos late one Friday night, and here is the first of them, the others to follow in the coming weeks...

Watch the video at Youtube | Vimeo | Facebook
Josiah Gillespie - Say Anything NEW MUSIC VIDEO

6th Sep 2010
Say Anything is first single from Josiah Gillespie's debut album, here is the music video...

Josiah Gillespie - The Ache And Answer

2nd Aug 2010
The debut album from Josiah Gillespie - "The Ache And Answer" - is available now!

Gillespie headed to the quiet depths of the Welsh countryside to record these songs and ended up with post-surf beach-fire anthems, brooding diary entry ballads and uninhibited explosions of joyful, soulful folk.

Benjamin Blower
Fiction Fight
The Custodians
Josiah Gillespie
Bethan Marshall
University of the King
Selina Blakeney
The Zang Productions Ensemble
Vincent Gould