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Benjamin Blower live at Impact

11th Oct 2011
Benjamin Blower is performing in Birmingham at the end of the week. Alongside him is Vincent Gould from Waler (among others).

They are playing at "Impact" which is being held at O'Neills on Broad Street in Birmingham.

More details in the live section
Barrowclough - My Hyundai - New Music Video

10th Oct 2011
It took a long time, and even had to be completely re-sequenced at one point, but Barrowclough has built his own stop-frame music video for the track My Hyundai.

The track is taken from his recent FREE EP - Zang Zero and can be seen in the video section right now, or over at youtube.
Brand New Website!

7th Oct 2011
We have a brand new website!

We know you have all just had to deal with the latest Facebook change, and we don't want to make your lives any harder, but we think this one will is much better than the last...

Now everything is linked together (where it should be) and we hope that you can find what your after a lot quicker and maybe discover some bits you did not know about. Whilst updating we discovered some great music that we had forgot had even existed!

You can now stay up-to-date with each artist as they now have a blog on their roster page.

Please let us know if any is being a bit naughty on the site so we can get on top of it straight away...

The store and press area are on the way...

Mr. Z

22nd Sep 2011
Greetings Zang fans and fam,

Fiction Fight's new wonderful album 'I Am A Thief' is about to be released. Since the songs are psalms it seems appropriate to release them on a Sunday.

It's a Pay What You Wish release which you will be able to download from their homesite:

These ten new psalms might just blow your socks off. They'll at least remove your shoes. They helped me interact with the Infinite in a new way. I'm delighted to promote this beautiful piece of sonic art.

Fiction Fighters, thank you for making this delicate, warm, vulnerable album.

Your fan,

Joel the Custodian
ZANGZERO Music Video - Bombastic Doxology

13th Aug 2011
Check out this music video. It's the thundering title track off Barrowclough's free E.P. available from this very website!

Watch on youtube

Waler - May You Live: NEW VIDEO

19th Jul 2011
Waler have a new video for the track 'May You Live' - taken from their album 'Formulas'

You can download it in the Free Download section or watch it on Youtube
3 Screenings of 'Say Anything' at The Cut 2011

10th Jul 2011
Of course you can still watch this video on Youtube, but this should be fun.

The Cut is a local short film festival running over two weekends.

The venue is the Prince of Wales Pub in Moseley, Birmingham.

The first two screenings of the video have already happened.

The final screening is on Saturday July 16th in the afternoon some time in the programme running from 12:30 to 1.30pm.
NEW FREE EP - Barrowclough - Zang Zero

4th Jul 2011
Zang Zero - Barrowclough's debut release on Zang is now available for download and it won't cost you a penny. It started as a promotional musical project to accompany Zang’s first venture into the soft drink market. However, after preliminary tests, the drinkable version was declared illegal by 4 different regulatory bodies. The music remains. Download it here.
Waler and the Stock Burning Controversy

21st Jun 2011
Zang is in turmoil over Waler's big idea...

Read Benjamin Blower's blog on this odd subject here.
Benjamin Blower makes 'Artist of the Year 2011' list

11th May 2011
Tammy Newell of writes with insight and gusto about Zang's own growling, whistling street folkster. As well as a short article there's an interview with Benjamin as well. Thanks for the local love:

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