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Joel The Custodian - The Visitors - Nativity Music Video

8th Dec 2011
Another Christmas present for you all!

Joel the Custodian has produced a music video for the festive track - The Visitors.

From Joel - "Peace people, This is my entry to the Nativity Factor Video Contest [being judged by Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child among others].

Rap, astrology, prophecy, 8-sided dice and my daughter starring as an angel: the perfect combo. Watch, share, go to the Nativity Factor site and vote for it! Thank you & I wish you a  pensive advent!"

View the video on Youtube.

Please vote for the video over at the Nativity Factor Website, you'll have to scroll down the page a bit to find it...

By the way, this track is still available in our free download section :)
A Broken Hearted Christmas

5th Dec 2011
Here is our second Christmas offering this year. A FREE Christmas EP from Benjamin Blower & the Army of the Broken Hearted. 3 tracks recorded in a back alley in Birmingham. Friends of the Army of the Broken joined, we made some new friends as well... You can grab the EP for free in the Free Downloads section, and have a listen to it here.
First Zang Christmas Song of the Season

1st Dec 2011
Here it is! The first Zang Christmas song of the season!

Up first is ye olde "Gabriel's Message" from Greybeard and Selina Blakeney.

Listen to it now in the Free Downloads Section

Join the ABH Christmas Choir!

28th Nov 2011
Benjamin Blower & the Army of the Broken Hearted will be recording an EP of Christmas songs live in an alleyway in Moseley.

All are invited to come join the choir and be part of this heartfelt live record.

The session will take place in the alleyway by the Patrick Kavanagh, Woodbridge Rd, Moseley, South Brum on Thursday 1st December, at 6pm.

Songsheets are provided. Wrap up warm and please bring a candle to read by…
New Music Video: Waler - Look What You've Done

21st Nov 2011
Waler have a new video for the track - Look What You've Done.

This is the 3rd video from the album Formulas.

Watch it in the Zang video section or over at Youtube
Bang! Bang!

14th Nov 2011
Bang! Bang!, an art party-cum-club-night concieved and curated by artist Trevor Pitt happened last Saturday at Vivid Art Gallery and we were very excited to be a part of it. We both contributed work as solo artists along with fellow artists Joey Vivo and Roseanna Velin.

"Pop Is Dead" by Vincent Gould was a makeshift funeral for pop music, complete with candles, a book of condolence, an urn and an order of service. Viewers were encouraged to light a candle and wear a black poppy to commemorate the death of pop.

"99 Red Balloons" by John Napier

I wanted to bring musical legends down a peg or two and remind us all that they are not divine beings whose work is unnatainable for us mere mortals. With this in mind I wrote some of pop history's most iconic and respected bands on loads of balloons, filled them with helium and slipped a tiny strip of paper inside each one with a specific criticism of that band or artist. At 11:30 I then went around popping each balloon to reveal the secret inside...

New Music Video: Benjamin Blower - The Illusion of Freedom

7th Nov 2011
We have a new music video for the opening track of Benjamin Blower's new free release: Babylin Is Dead Vol #2 - The Illusion of Freedom

This has been lovingly put together and edited by Vincent Gould of Waler...

Watch it in the video section or over at Youtube
Waler Show Art Installations at BANG BANG

7th Nov 2011
On November 12th, the Waler duo John Napier and Vincent Gould will both be showing art installations at the club night BANG BANG at the Vivid gallery.

John's piece '99 Red Balloons' is a demystification of the great pop acts of the twentieth century, And Vincent's piece 'Pop is Dead' will be a funeral of sorts.

DJ sets by: mini moderns, Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra), Mazzy (Chicks Dig Jerks), and This is Tomorrow

Entrance £5

Full details of the night are here.

Rebel Army gig

2nd Nov 2011
In case you missed this, The Rebel Army will be performing at Superfuzz Bigmuff tomorrow (Thurs 3rd Nov) at Bulls Head, Moseley. £3 on the door.

What they wrote about me:

"The poetic half of WALER goes it alone and does something alarmingly fresh and original, a sort of militant, steel-drum tinged dub-ragga beat, guaranteed to get your bum wiggling whilst managing to keep you cranium stimulated the whole time. Get there nice and early for this very different bigmuff experience!"


Benjamin Blower - Babylon is Dead Vol #2

31st Oct 2011

The new EP by Benjamin Blower is now available for free download.

Some three years since Babylon is Dead Volume 1, we finally have the next chapter. There are also another five in the pipeline, we're told.

Oddly, this EP had been completed and shelved some time ago. The current economic apocalypse and the questions raised by the global occupy movement perhaps make it more relevant now than it would've been then anyway.

As with volume 1, it comes hand in hand with some of BB's written thought.

Consider... enjoy... and please pass it on.

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