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27th May 2012
A new song and video, after a long time away...

Click on video section to view.

A little bit too much of myself

18th May 2012

A new video...and a new name.

Find it in the video section below...


6th May 2012
This is a link to the unreleased album Shackles. It is now a youtube album, with interludes (that fine hip hop tradition). Parts of it are unmastered, indeed unfinished, but I love it. It is what it is...

(Click "Watch on Youtube" to see the playlist)
John Napier - Nothing Seems To Work

28th Mar 2012

Here's an impromptu recording of a new track set to a lovely background of blue sky and suburbia. Check out the link below in the latest videos section. Hope you enjoy it.

Revolution in your Pocket LIVE

6th Mar 2012
Revolution in your Pocket LIVE.

I will be performing at the Moseley Arms this Friday. Entry is FREE and doors open at 8.30
If you haven't seen the show yet, make a beeline for it. It's pretty good.

Revolution in your Pocket

31st Jan 2012
Revolution in your Pocket, my new EP, is coming soon.
See below for Promo podcast, and look out for more info over the next two weeks...
Ray Vaughan remixes Selina Blakeney

25th Jan 2012
In describing his reworking of Selina Blakeney's beautiful choral version of The Killers' "On Top", Ray had this to say:

"I feel like I have just added a moustache to the Mona Lisa, and a white silk shirt and some shades."

Download/listen here:

ABH support Maccabees at the Kitchen Garden

23rd Jan 2012
Benjamin Blower and the Army of the Broken Hearted will be supporting Birmingham's veteran apocalyptic punk theologians Maccabees, previously known as Dissident Prophet (and not to be confused with The Maccabees, of international fame). Tickets are £5.
Happy New Year! Here is a Free Album For You All!

9th Jan 2012
Happy New Year everyone!

To welcome in this new year, we have a FREE album for you all. Selina Blakeney's first full release on Zang: a collection of sketches recorded over 7 years in various bedrooms around the UK.

Download and listen to the album here.
Another FREE Christmas EP

12th Dec 2011
HO HO HO! We have yet another Christmas present for you all! Florent have recorded a Free Christmas EP for you all featuring Deck the Halls, White Christmas and Carol of the Bells... What's that? You don't know that last one? Of course you do, Garmin (the Sat Nav guys) have been ruining it for the last 3 years or so...

You can download the Free EP in the Free Downloads section. Or listen to it here on its release page...

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