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First Benjamin Blower Show Since 2004!

19th Jun 2007
Benjamin Blower is playing songs from his forthcoming album at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham on Tues 26th June.

Doors open at 8pm. £2.

Supporting Morning View.

It will be an absolute ball.

Beloved News - Fourfold!

10th Jan 2007
1.Beloved changes name to Benjamin Blower!
"It's because there's an American band called Beloved, and they got there first, Fair & square. Benjamin is my middle name, and I want to get into it!"

2.Free download
"Cubus, the electronica geniuses remixed the Glass Megapolis songs.. Plus, you can download their whole new album free HERE."

3.New album
"For early 2007, all being well."

4.New website
" ...look and see!"

*2011 Edit - This site is no longer available

Happy new year everbody!
Love always
Zang Christmas Free Downloads! Both of 'em!!

11th Dec 2006
Ok people, its been quiet on the free download front, but boy oh boy do we have treats for you this festive season...

Not only do we have a Zang Christmas download, but we have 2! Thats right people!

First we got the 'Christmas Manhole Odyssey' from University of the King. They say its a true story...

Then we got the Chistmas classic, 'Let It Snow' from the Zang Productions Ensemble.

Get these suckers now in the FREE DOWNLOAD section...

Merry Christmas!

UotK Live

1st Dec 2006
University of the King are playing at The Market Tavern in Digbeth, Birmingham tonight.

Take a look at the Live section for more information

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Oh No!

17th Oct 2006
Beloved loses notepad...

"This is serious for people like me. I had 3 months of ideas in that notepad. There was even a speech in there. When did I think I was ever going to give speech? I don't know, but it was a good speech. This is terrible..."
New University of the King Live Dates

15th Sep 2006
University of the King will be playing the Night & Day in Manchester on Monday 18th September.

Then on Saturday 30th September they are playing at Edwards No.8 in Birmingham.

And they return to the Night & Day, Manchester on Friday October 20th.

More details in the Live section...

New University of the King Live Dates

8th Sep 2006
University of the King have a couple of dates coming up in September.

Firstly, on Sep 16th in Birmingham at the Actress and Bishop.

Then up to Manchester to play at the Night and Day.

Take a look at the Live section for more details...
Vote for 'Look Out For Germs' Video at Wim Stream

25th Jul 2006
'Look Out For Germs' by University of the King has been added to for the month of July, go and watch it now and vote for it here.

In April, 'Pull Back Swing' by University of the King came in a close 2nd, but this month it is already 3rd and is battling against the likes of Franz Ferdinand.

Wim Stream is a website showcasing music videos from around the world. There is a new video everyday, and visitors or the site can vote for the videos they like.
Barrowclough - Penalties: New Free Download

5th Jul 2006
This is a slightly strange bit of news, and not that interesting or important...

Anyway, UOTK is officially an acronym standing for University of the King (The band that brought you such hits as Pull Back swing & I Love It Here). This is according at least to "The Great Abbreviation Hunt" website. If you scroll all the way down the "Uo" section you'll find it there.

Mr. Z
Barrowclough - Penalties: New Free Download

13th Jun 2006
We have a new Free Download by Barrowclough

This is a topical free download from friend of Zang – Barrowclough (aka Jonny Mellor). Jonny was part of Michaelis Constant, the group that Joel the Custodian performed with before The Custodians. The beat is by Eliot the Custodian and the track is a remake of an old Michaelis track about the pain and torment of Penalty Shootouts…

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