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29th Sep 2008
We have a new free download...

A music video for Benjamin Blower's "Why Should You Give A Damn About Me?"

Download it right now and tell all your friends!

Mr. Z
Benjamin Blower - The Pillar Of Smoke OUT NOW

31st Aug 2008
The new album from Benjamin Blower is out now. Listen to samples of the album here.

The launch party is tomorrow night (2nd Sep) at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham. More details in the Live section.
Launch party for Benjamin Blower and the Pillar of Smoke

21st Aug 2008
Tuesday 2nd September 2008

Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham - £1 entry

Also starring: Waler, Ace Diamond Heart Club, Ross Spencer, Home made cookies, and TV-Head himself..

You've got to come!

Mr.Z x
Benjamin Blower - New Free Download

24th Jul 2008
New free download from Benjamin Blower, Killing Time (as in 'wasting time', not time to kill). Go get it! Its from the Pillar of Smoke sessions.

Meanwhile the new album, Benjamin Blower and the Pillar of Smoke, will be released on September 1st 2008

Watch this space for launch parties, gigs and other things..
Thanks... And a review...

6th May 2008
Thanks to everyone that came along to the launch party last night.

The night was a great success and we hope everyone enjoyed as much as we did.

A new review of 'Sketches In Sound' by can be read here.

Mr. Z
Bethan Marshall - Sketches In Sound OUT NOW!

5th May 2008
The debut album from Bethan Marshall is out now.

The album features 14 of Bethan's original tracks and is available as either CD or Digital Download.

The album is available on CD at and Zang Online Store.
The digital download format of the album can be purchased at I-Tunes,, Ditto Music.

Listen to samples of new album at HERE

And take a look at Bethan's Official website
Bethan Marshall Debut Album and Launch Party

17th Apr 2008
The debut album from Bethan Marshall - "Sketches In Sound" - is due for release next month. To celebrate we are having a launch party in Moseley, Birmingham on May 5th, which is also the release date.

Bethan also now has a Myspace, why not become friends and hear samples of the new album.

More details of the launch party to follow...

Mr. Z
New Zang Website

3rd Apr 2008
New Zang website... We got bored and claustrophobic with the last one... We now have a Z beacon.
Free Benjamin Blower EP!

5th Feb 2008
Holy Smoke! We're releasing Benjamin Blower's new EP online, right here, right now. Go to the free downloads section and do what you have to.

Its called Babylon is Dead and it's not pretty.

Get your scissors and glue ready. You'll need them.

Upcoming Benjamin Blower Gigs

23rd Jul 2007
There are a few Benjamin Blower gig coming up at the End of July and beginning of August in and around the Birmingham area.

Take a look in the LIVE section for more details...

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