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Hello Christmas Carter

26th Mar 2009
Zang Productions would like to welcome Christmas Carter to the Team.

Christmas has already worked with Zang on last Christmas' Christmas Album - 'A Zang Christmas'

He will now also be helping out with PR duties within the label... Thank you Christmas...

Mr. Z
University of the King - I love It Here: FREE DOWNLOAD

8th Mar 2009
After some time searching through the Zang vaults, we stumbled accross this from 2006...

A special acoustic version of 'I Love It Here' - from the album Zang Hibidy...

You can get it now in the FREE DOWNLOADS section...

Mr. Z
Benjmain Blower Live - February Dates

9th Feb 2009
Benjamin Blower has 2 live dates in the Midlands area in February.

1 in Coventry and 1 in Birmingham (which is FREE entry!)...

Look at the Live section for more information...

Mr. Z
Greybeard - Where's Willy? FREE DOWNLOAD

2nd Feb 2009
We have a new FREE Download available...

Greybeard has just prepared a short instrumental track called - Where's Willy?

Get it now in the FREE DOWNLOAD Section...

Mr. Z
Another happy journey around the sun

1st Jan 2009
2009 is looking like a smoking year here at Zang. There's rumours of releases from the likes of University of the King and Joel the Custodian. Greybeard and Barrowclough are hard at work in the studio. Benjamin Blower and Bethan Marshall will be gigging. Selina Blakeney is finding her way onto everybody else's records. TV-Head is watching TV, and we think Ickberg may have been abducted by Aliens.

There will be free songs, videos and EPs coming out this year, so stay tuned in. Right now there's a lost song from Benjamin Blower's Pillar of Smoke sessions on the downloads page.
University of the King - Jumping Home For Christmas

1st Dec 2008
To coincide with the release of the FREE Christmas album - 'A Zang Christmas' - we join University of the King as they jump home for Christmas...

Watch the new music video now in the Free Downloads Section...

1st Dec 2008
Last year we tried to get some Christmas bits together, but we ran out of time! We have been feeling bad all year and don't want to get coal again (it's not that fun, very messy and has no flashing lights!)... So, to make it up to you all we have a real treat, an early Christmas present for you all...

A FREE Christmas album containing 10 tracks, some traditional, some original, some more contemporary...

You can download the whole album right now for FREE in the Free Download section. There is even a cover for you to print, cut and glue together...

Merry Christmas

Mr. Z
Barrowclough supporting Public Enemy

30th Nov 2008
Following his support of The Sugar Hill Gang in November, Barrowclough will be supporting Public Enemy at The Custard Factory in Birmingham on Wednesday December 3rd.

Ticket are £20 and are available from

More details in the LIVE section
Greybeard and Joel The Custodian - Heading For Disaster: FREE DOWNLOAD

2nd Nov 2008
We are feeling very creative at Zang HQ and crap load of new stuff is on the way (you won't believe what's going to happen in December!?!?!)...

Here is a new track, produced by Greybeard & Joel The Custodian but with a whole host of people helping out...

Go and get it right now and tell all your friends!

Mr. Z
Buck 65 Feat. Benjamin Blower

22nd Oct 2008
Here's something.. Benjamin Blower just put some music together for hip hop legend Buck 65. Our gruff Canadian friend has gone crazy and just made 3 albums for free give-aways: Dirtbike1/3, Dirtbike2/3, and very soon Dirtbike3/3. Google that and you'll soon find something. BB's track is on Dirtbike2/3.

Benjamin Blower
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Josiah Gillespie
Bethan Marshall
University of the King
Selina Blakeney
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