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It's Raining Glass

8th Jul 2009
It's Raining Glass & Tears, the debut solo album from Benjamin Blower (whilst he was called Beloved), was released back in August 2004. It sold out pretty quickly and has thus been unavailable for some time now...

That is until now...

The album along with 2008's The Pillar of Smoke are now available HERE

To find out more about the album and listen to some samples, go here.

The video that was released last week was from this album, watch it now here.

Mr. Z
Benjamin Blower - Waking Up 1/2 Dead: NEW VIDEO

4th Jul 2009
Benjamin Blower has a new music video for the track - Waking Up 1/2 Dead.

The track is taken from 2002's It's Raining Glass & Tears...

Get it now in the Free Download section...

Mr. Z
Benjamin Blower SUMMER TOUR

11th Jun 2009
Benjamin Blower and Christmas Carter will be touring the back alleys of Birmingham all summer. The first dates are up now. More to come. How will you find them? Ummm... You may have to use your imagination. Heck, maybe they'll find you. If you want to come join the Army of the Broken Hearted drop us a line. See you on the street
The Custodians - My Organs Are Yours PT2: NEW FREE EP

1st Jun 2009
Following the release of 'My Organs Are Yours PART 1' back in April, we can now bring you PART 2!

There are another 5 tracks on here and its available absolutely free in the FREE DOWNLOAD section.

You can also purchase both E.Ps together on CD in the Online Store, these have some bonuses too..
Back Alley Party!

26th May 2009
Benjamin Blower is throwing a party for friends and passers-by in a dirty Birmingham back alley this Thursday. He's playing new songs accompanied by Christmas Carter and The Army of the Broken Hearted - and also by you, if you will be there. There will be hot chocolate for everyone, so be there:


The Custodians Live at Lunchtime In the Bull Ring

14th May 2009
We've got a lunchtime treat for Birmingham people. A free half-hour set of progressive hip-hop with Joel the Custodian and other Zang peeps including Greybeard and Benjamin Blower.

This will be an experiment. Who knows what will happen! There'll be live instruments, a kaoss pad and an odd bunch of rap songs and chain-gang ditties.

Don't be late: this will kick off at 12.30 in the main sanctuary of St. Martins Church In the Bullring in Brum city centre.

For more details click on Next Live Date
Michaelis Constant Remix: NEW FREE DOWNLOAD

3rd May 2009
We're talking about the late nineties/early naughties. Barrowclough, Joel the Custodian and Michael Stork were weirding out the whole UK hip hop scene as Michaelis Constant. They were a defining influence for University of the King, and a catalyst for the birth of Zang itself.

I, Mr. Z, found this lost remix of a track from their critically acclaimed and financially disasterous second album Gondwanaland. Go get it from the free downloads page. Who did the remix? It's a competition. Email your answers to ...winner gets used toothbrushes from all three MCs.
My Organs Are Yours CD Available Now

13th Apr 2009
Following the release of Part 1 of 'My Organs Are Yours' last week, we now have both parts available on CD with bonuses.

Part 2 will be available on 01 June 2009, but if you can't wait and want the bonuses you can get the CD for just £3 in the Zang Store right now...

Mr. Z
The Custodians - My Organs Are Yours PT1: New Free E.P.

6th Apr 2009

Myself and Eliot are pleased to present to you the first half of our FREE double E.P. 'My Organs Are Yours'.

The first of many releases from the Zang squad this year, this hip hop e.p. has some unusual, brain-twisting beats that really steered me into some sort of sonic rainforest, throwing me and my fellow lyricists out of the vehicle armed only with pens and pads.

My lyrics were formed in the bright raw light of diary entry confessionals, so if you read the lyrics on our ROSTER page you'll be looking into my head, which I find unsettling as well as exciting. Maybe you're going through the same stuff as me.

This first E.P. features 5 tracks with help from our friends Benjamin Blower, Greybeard, The What Supreme, Sensei C, Nicholas Noble (The Gentlemen), Supervillain, Michael Stork, Log, Cro and Christmas Carter.

Thank yous to Danielle & Melanie and Leo, Evie and Ellis!

E.P. 2 will be available on the 1st June 2009. The whole double E.P. will be available to buy on Monday the 13th April 2009 complete with a bonus track...

Grab the first E.P. HERE RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy the organs

Joel & Eliot the Custodians
Th Custodians Live At The Unseen

31st Mar 2009
The Custodians will be performing live at The Unseen in Birmingham on April 2nd 2009...

They will be performing tracks for their new double EP - My Organs Are Yours - the first of which is released next Monday (6th April 2009)

These EPs will be FREE downoads, so watchout...

More info in the Live Section

Mr. Z

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