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Advent Day 15

15th Dec 2012
Jingle bells!
Advent Day 14

14th Dec 2012
Advent day 14 gives us 'It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year'. Performed live in a bedroom with a child-sized drumkit with Selina shoved in the corner, it came beautifully we think.

Have a listen here

Advent Day 13

13th Dec 2012
This is a true story, about falling down a manhole once while shopping for a Christmas turkey. The sample is from some rat pack record. All rat pack stuff works for Christmas songs.
Here it is...
Advent Day 12

12th Dec 2012
Taken from last years 'Christmas Songs' by Florent, this little guy weighs in at a hefty 1 minute 25 seconds, and that includes 3 whole verses!

Grab it now and Deck The Halls
Advent Day 11

11th Dec 2012
Doesn't sound like a Christmas song. This tells the story of John the Baptist leaping in the womb when his mother Elizabeth embraces Mary, pregnant with the messiah...

Here it is
Advent Day 10

10th Dec 2012
Taken from a rich festive season last year, we have some ye olde styling from the 13th or 14th century by Greybeard and Selina Blakeney.

Gabriel's Message
Advent Day 9

9th Dec 2012
It was 2005 and it was one of UotK's best. Typically playful, and yet totally sincere, if you can believe it.

The sleigh bells... the beat drop at 2 mins... the rock falsetto (rob I think)... that guitar flourish (!) at 3mins... the beat-boxing at 3:10... Selina Blakeney saving the song at 3:20...

No one else was doing this kind of thing back in 2005.

Here it is
Advent Day 8

8th Dec 2012
The year is 2010, it is already almost halfway through Dec and there isn't even a Christmas song planned. This track actually came together at 2am in the morning of the 12th and everything except for Selina's backing vocals was laid down whilst sitting on the sofa into the laptop microphone!

The crapness of the mic only added to the charm.

Greybeard - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Advent Day 7

7th Dec 2012
Day seven of the Zang Christmas calender is In The Bleak Mindwinter, recorded by the Army of the Broken Hearted, live in the alleyway next to Mike the accordian guy's house. It was just last year... a candle-lit night with mince pies and cold fingers.

This EP might be my favourite ABH recording so far, for it's live and on-location spirit. We managed to record three good songs with various passers-by joining in, until someone who sang like a goat showed up and sank the rest of the project.

Here it is

Please join in the whistle solo...


Zang Advent Day 6

6th Dec 2012
Day 6, we are chugging along nicely now...

Next up is the opening track from the 2008's Free Christmas Album - 'A Zang Christmas'

Greybeard and Selina Blakeney perform this sweet rendition of Winter Wonderland. Watch out for the Triangle ding, it's a great moment.

Have a listen here

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