Zang Productions


So Long, Farewell, Goodbye, I Love You

20th Mar 2013

After a decade of musical jestering Zang Productions Cheap Soma is finally to be shut down. We leave you with these parting gifts:

-One last album, called So Long, Farewell, Goodby, I Love You. It's free to download, and it features University of the King, Florent, Barrowclough, Benjamin Blower, Greybeard, Vincent Gould, Fiction Fight, Ebenezer,Bethan Marshall and Selina Blakeney.

-And also three music videos - dug out out of the vaults of unfinished Zang work. One for Selina Blakeney's Stay Tight, one for The Custodians' Sacred, and one for Benjamin Blower's Hey Hey Babylon is Dead...

With love x

Advent Day 25

25th Dec 2012
Merry Christmas all. Mike found an old instrument from the 70's called a Bon Tempé or something, and Rob's cat walked over it and this strange composition was composed.

Perhaps all that Zang has ever really said in the last strange decade is said here...

Here it is
Advent Day 24 - Christmas Eve Suckers!

24th Dec 2012
Happy Christmas Eve.

Here is Bethan Marshall singing in her living room.
Advent Day 23

23rd Dec 2012
Greybeard remakes the 18th Century epic. From 2008's A Zang Christmas...

Here it is
Advent Day 22

22nd Dec 2012
This really almost has everything...

University of the King - O Holy Night
Advent Day 21

21st Dec 2012
Here's UotK from 2006 with a sort of drunken super mario version Let it Snow. Watch out for the solo at 2 mins...

Here it is...
Advent Day 20

20th Dec 2012
Recorded in an alleyway in Moseley, Birmingham last year, the advent track for today is Joy to the World by Benjamin Blower and the Army of the Broken Hearted
Advent Day 19

19th Dec 2012
The inspiration for Chris Rea's classic...
Advent Day 18

18th Dec 2012
Barrowclough and Joel the Custodian givve us a glimpse of what Christmas would be like for Santa and the Elfs climate change were to mean there was no snow anywhere at Christmas...

It's Christmas time, but where is all snow? 
Advent Day 17

17th Dec 2012
More from Florent's first ever release Christmas Songs. Day 17 of Zang's advent calender is their bermuda shorts wearing version of White Christmas, with false start and all...

Here it is...

Benjamin Blower
Fiction Fight
The Custodians
Josiah Gillespie
Bethan Marshall
University of the King
Selina Blakeney
The Zang Productions Ensemble
Vincent Gould