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University of the King - Cabin Fever (Poop Deck)

University of the King - Cabin Fever (Poop Deck)
22nd November 2004

Free Download from University of the King, featuring Selina Blakeney.

I got Sel to sing all the notes over an octave, then sent her away as I had everything I needed. I then used her vocals to create the chords and base the music around...

Cabin Fever (Poop Deck) Lyrics Lyrics

University of the King- Cabin Fever (Poop Deck)

There sits the captain proud at the head of the table
with a napkin ready and able
silverware shining, recently polished
a new chef, a new test, but will he cut the mustard
and end the disease of the rotting stomach
he eats like a monster but he's falling apart from the inside
a secret that he'll probably die with
as he carefully steers this ship

'How on earth can one man eat so much?' - the officers simply discuss
'...and stay so trim and look so buff' - 'Genghis Khan didn't eat this much'
'There must be something that he's keeping a secret'
'The man in charge is not being straight with us!'

There sits the officers staring to the head of the table
sharing thoughts and trying to crack this puzzle
taking orders from a man they don't trust
in the middle of nowhere in a giant tin can
home in a month, it's been a long time at sea
and cabin fever's just about to set in
the captain hides behind his beard in fright
as he hold his breath, and steers them through the night

Whats wrong with me? I can't keep this down
a captain who gets seasick, I'd rather drown
and save myself the embarassement of being found out
but the worst thing is I can't fill myself up
like a bucket with a hole that's always empty
and now people are talking, and plotting against me
I've seen the look in their eyes and they've all gone crazy
it's just a matter of time before the inevitable mutiny

'Who is he that can defy all logic' - 'It makes no sense i simply can't explain it'
'There's no way he can even be of this earth' - 'Then it's settled, he must be from another planet'
'That would explain his abnormal behaviour, but I still don't know what he's doing here on this ship
are there others that we've just not noticed, are they taking over right under our noses?'
'I WON'T BE RULED BY ALIENS' - 'it's time to rise up and take back the poop deck
and put them right back in their places, and who on earth does this captain think he is
that he can pull the wool right over our eyes, and feed us lies upon lies upon lies
NO MORE, his end is near
throw him over board for the sharks to tear'

© 2004 University of the King
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