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Greybeard And Selina Blakeney - Flight or Fright

Greybeard And Selina Blakeney - Flight or Fright
4th October 2009

Greybeard and Selina Blakeney have produced this choral track for October...

Flight or Fright Lyrics Lyrics

Greybeard And Selina Blakeney- Flight or Fright

Help me Lord I'm under attack
Take this load from off my back
I have chained myself to the law
But desparate to live in you

Selina Blakeney:
Just because I'm on my own
I don't always have to be prone
To fear & terror in the night
A constant state of fright or flight
Darkness tries to pull me in
Bit I've been talking to the King
The law to which I did abide
But now the light comes from inside
Within the law I used to hide

Gat back now, I'm not your toy
I will not play or be destroyed
Stop pushing down, Lord lift me up
And save me from this vacuum of love

© 2009 Greybeard And Selina Blakeney
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