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Barowclough (prod Re:Flex the Architect) - Me In 3D

Barowclough (prod Re:Flex the Architect) - Me In 3D
7th June 2012

Very soon after my infatuation with hiphop began, I realised that a rapper was only really a rapper when he'd done one thing. There were several added extras (playing Brixton Academy, writing a dis track, having your poster in the centre pages of HHC, etc) but only one essential thing. That one thing is of course releasing a song which features a chorus about the elevation of ones hands.

With the help of my friend Re:flex, I have now achieved that feat and the testimony to my achievement is free for you to download. I. Want. To. See. Those. Hands. In. The...

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Barowclough (prod Re:Flex the Architect)- Me In 3D

© 2012 Barowclough (prod Re:Flex the Architect)
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