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Benjamin Blower
30th Oct 2011

Benjamin Blower: The Illusion of Freedom

I'm quite excited about the EP The Illusion of Freedom coming out tomorrow. That's hours away.

The world is in such a strange way right now.

I think we're all wondering if the Occupy! movement is going to keep growing towards something, and what that something might be. A lot of people think it'll just get tired and disperse, but I think all that has to go somewhere, right? There's a lot of criticism that they don't have any answers, but it's pretty awful that politicians and the media are so ready to mock the people for at least asking the questions.

Whatever comes of that, I have the impression that our international money troubles won't quietly disperse, and there's all sorts of crazy ideas where that's going.

A while ago I saw an interview with the philosopher Bertrand Russell, from back in the days when nuclear bombs were being brandished between America and Russia. He was seriously contemplating the possibilities of us wiping ourselves out there and then. He said he couldn't bear that thought. But I was thinking, imagine living in a time when people in the West felt so on the edge... It's not like Bertrant Russell was a melodramatic or unreasonable sort.

Maybe we're not in that kind of trouble, but I have the feeling we're in pretty big trouble of some kind.

Anyway, The Illusion of Freedom comes out tomorrow. That's all I really meant to say...


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