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21st Dec 2011

Barrowclough: Still reading Schaeffer. Science and Christianity

Almost finished my Francis Schaeffer trilogy. Provocative quote about the Christian origins of modern science:

 "...modern science could not have been born except in the milieu of Christianity. Why? In the area of biblical Chrisitianity, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Francis Bacon - all these men, up to Newton and Faraday - understood that there was a universe there because God made it. And they believed, as Whitehead has so beautifully said, that because God was a reasonable God one could discover the truth of the universe by reason. So modern science was born. The Greeks had almost all the facts that the early scientists had, but it never turned into a science like modern science. This came, as Whitehead said, out of the fact that these men really were sure that the truth of the universe could be pursued in reason because it had been made by a reasonable God."

If modern science, the weapon most commonly wielded against the Christian faith, needs the Christian God to operate, the fight should be pretty one sided! Good work Francis!

By the way, I promise that my next blog post will be more hiphop related. Apologies. I am very easily distracted.

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