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Benjamin Blower
3rd Sep 2012

Benjamin Blower: Out from under my rock


Its been a long time with no correspondence, so I'll fill you in on everything.

-The Army of the Broken Hearted are performing with guest appearances by Barrowclough and Joel the Custodian tomorrow night at the Bulls Head in Moseley.

-The New ABH album is sounding good, and I'm just coming towards the end of a short book to go with it. These days, when you make a record, everyone just thinks you're looking for a career as a rock star, so we're reduced to writing books to go with albums, to show that we mean what we say.

-Florent are working on a total rock album right now. Selina Blakeney is half way through a full length album, and Barrowclough is sitting on a second Zang EP.

-Its true that Waler have moved on from Zang having deconstructed the music world to the point that any kind of record label seemed superfluous. I'm just mastering their new ep now. It's really good. You'll be lucky to get one though. It's not for sale or up for free download or anything. I'm not totally sure, but I think the deal is that if you want one, you just have to get in touch with them somehow and show them that you care...

-I'm reading Mutiny! by Kester Brewin. Only a third in but I'd recommend it. So far it's quite fascinating.

-I've got a few brilliant ideas that I can't tell you about right now.

That's all.


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