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20th Feb 2012

Waler: Is the internet training us to be stupid?

Among the few critics of Web 2.0 is author Nicholas G. Carr. In his book "The Shallows: What the internet is doing to our brains" he argues that the internet, with its constant bombardment of information is reducing our abilities, young and old, to think more contemplatively and with greater concentration.

In the brilliant documentary, Press Pause Play, Anne Hilde Neset from the Wire magazine had this to say:

"People don't really sit at home and listen to a record from track one through to track 15...
I remember when I was a kid and went out and bought a record and it was this moment of pure concentration and joy of listening to every little bit."

I remember being able to just sit and listen to a record and CD but nowadays it feels like too much concentration, an album seems like too much hard work. Have I been de-skilled by the internet? Have I lost the ability to concentrate?

Even whilst writing this there are four other tabs open on my browser and I'm constantly tempted to check them for email or facebook updates or follow different links on youtube.

Is the internet training us all to be shallow thinkers?

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