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20th May 2012

Waler: Heroes of anti-cool

One of the most fascinating things about The Beatles is that they somehow managed to capture the zeitgeist of the 60s whilst in many ways representing its very antithesis. Their music and image weren't very sexually sugestive, they didn't have a particularly raucous sound or political message and they didn't really exude an image of recklessness, unlike many of the other iconic bands of that era such as The Rolling Stones, The Doors or Jimi Hendrix. Even during their later years, in their more 'far-out' period, they maintained a love for a kind of twee-ness that seemed at odds with the music that many of their 'credible' contemporaries were making. Its strange to think that songs like Tomorrow Never Knows and When I'm Sixty Four existed side by side on the same album.

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