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7th Jan 2012

Barrowclough: Friends I've made beautiful music with...

Happy New Year peeps. 2012 promises to be Zang-tastic. I’ve heard rumours of a Selina Blakeney free download album out shortly and my ‘Although we claimed to be wise’ EP will be out late Feb. Before that though I thought I’d kick off the New Year with a little backwards glance.

It dawned on me the other day that I have released music in 3 consecutive decades. Two words spring to mind: ‘veteran’ (to my mind) and ‘old’ (to most other people’s). Anyway, not one song I have recorded has been a solo effort. Every one has involved beat makers, DJs, vocalists or other musicians. Not one of them has ever been paid for their skill. This is a major regret and will be rectified when ‘Not Tame’ features as the soundtrack to next year’s Coca Cola advertising campaign and ‘Don’t despair’ becomes the national anthem of a newly formed Middle Eastern state. Until then I thought I’d simply do a little blogging series on the friends I’ve made beautiful music with. Unfortunately I won’t be able to include everyone and I’m going to focus on artists that aren’t my Zang buddies as most of you will probably be familiar with their awesomeness. Anyway, I’ll start with the beat makers and go from there. The first one will be out later in the week.

Please check them out, buy all of their stuff and say nice things about them. It really has been a privilege to work with so many talented people. Cheers amigos.

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