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Vincent Gould
6th Apr 2012

Vincent Gould: Death of the Empire

The empire announces its demise in peculiar ways.

Recent cultural output of the West has talked about endings. The Road, 2012 etc. and the free downloading of music is like a last-minute giveaway from a bankrupt record shop.
It is clearly demoralised. And we are demoralised along with it. But why?

Because of our deep connection to the Empire we may have believed that we are dying along with it. After all, it schooled us. It brought us up. But it’s not us who are dying - only the empire itself. And empires come and go. It wanted us to feel part of its mission, and it also wanted us to feel that we couldn’t go on without it. And maybe we do. But should we go down with this ship?

This is an empire that said objects were more important than people. That insisted everyone should be demeaned. That turned freedom into a four letter word. It has oppressed us, told lies about us, and misrepresented us. And now it is dead.

What is there to feel sad about?

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