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Selina Blakeney
9th Oct 2011

Selina Blakeney: Bloggy number 1.

Hello folks! I'm very excited about this new website, doesn't it look smashing! And now I get my very own bloggy wog. Yay. I'm also excited about the upcoming releases to accompany it....including my acapella double EP which I started working on or 7 years ago! Crikey, I'm a bit of a tortoise where music is concerned it would seem. Along with the EPs there will be 2 videos to feast your eyes on, one involving lots of lovely snow and one created by Joel the Custodian and Evie Wonder (a father and daughter collaboration-beautiful!)-dates for all this to be confirmed....

.....then sometime next year will be the release of....MY ALBUM! In case you couldn't tell. I'm thrilled from the top of my head to my tippy toes about that. Mostly because, the process of making it has been so far, so much fun-and a new experience for me! I'm used to recording things very scrappily by myself, and although it's technically a Selina Blakeney album, produced by Greybeard, I think it's a real mixture of both of us and we have really enjoyed working on the songs together.

In other news....I have been becoming a bit of washboard much so....that I forced my husband to dress up as a washboarder....cruel I know....would you like to see.....?


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