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15th Dec 2011
Just a quick note to mention a couple of reviews for the Christmas EP...

Short review of our  EP and also Benjamin Blowers Christmas EP by Mike Davies at Brum Beat -

An overview of all of Zang's festive activities here, with some nice words on the Florent EP towards the end of the article -

Another one over at Never enough Notes -

6th Dec 2011
That's right people, our new Christmas EP will be available on Monday...

14th Nov 2011
Florent will be recording a free Christmas EP next weekend... Any suggestions? We will see what we can do...

16th Oct 2011
Just a couple of live photos from the Last gig up in Liverpool at The Shipping Forecast.

Florent Live at The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

Florent Live at The Shipping Forecast

17th Sep 2011
The EP is finished yet, but we are getting started on the album anyway. These thing take so long its worth getting moving on it.

Got 6 of the new tracks down today...

31st Aug 2011
We finally got chance to track the bass for the new EP on Saturday...

If you squint your eyes a bit, you can sort of imagine what Gareth would look like with a microphone for a body...

Gareth Gwyver rocking the precision

27th Jul 2011
Tracking guitars for the EP with the new amp... Please excuse the dodgy pink sock, it didn't seem to effect the playing.

10th Jul 2011
The new amp... I say new loosely as it its about 32 years old...

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