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7th Jan 2012
Happy New Year peeps. 2012 promises to be Zang-tastic. I’ve heard rumours of a Selina Blakeney free download album out shortly and my ‘Although we claimed to be wise’ EP will be out late Feb. Before that though I thought I’d kick off the New Year with a little backwards glance.

It dawned on me the other day that I have released music in 3 consecutive decades. Two words spring to mind: ‘veteran’ (to my mind) and ‘old’ (to most other people’s). Anyway, not one song I have recorded has been a solo effort. Every one has involved beat makers, DJs, vocalists or other musicians. Not one of them has ever been paid for their skill. This is a major regret and will be rectified when ‘Not Tame’ features as the soundtrack to next year’s Coca Cola advertising campaign and ‘Don’t despair’ becomes the national anthem of a newly formed Middle Eastern state. Until then I thought I’d simply do a little blogging series on the friends I’ve made beautiful music with. Unfortunately I won’t be able to include everyone and I’m going to focus on artists that aren’t my Zang buddies as most of you will probably be familiar with their awesomeness. Anyway, I’ll start with the beat makers and go from there. The first one will be out later in the week.

Please check them out, buy all of their stuff and say nice things about them. It really has been a privilege to work with so many talented people. Cheers amigos.

21st Dec 2011

Almost finished my Francis Schaeffer trilogy. Provocative quote about the Christian origins of modern science:

 "...modern science could not have been born except in the milieu of Christianity. Why? In the area of biblical Chrisitianity, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Francis Bacon - all these men, up to Newton and Faraday - understood that there was a universe there because God made it. And they believed, as Whitehead has so beautifully said, that because God was a reasonable God one could discover the truth of the universe by reason. So modern science was born. The Greeks had almost all the facts that the early scientists had, but it never turned into a science like modern science. This came, as Whitehead said, out of the fact that these men really were sure that the truth of the universe could be pursued in reason because it had been made by a reasonable God."

If modern science, the weapon most commonly wielded against the Christian faith, needs the Christian God to operate, the fight should be pretty one sided! Good work Francis!

By the way, I promise that my next blog post will be more hiphop related. Apologies. I am very easily distracted.

15th Dec 2011
Just a quick note to mention a couple of reviews for the Christmas EP...

Short review of our  EP and also Benjamin Blowers Christmas EP by Mike Davies at Brum Beat -

An overview of all of Zang's festive activities here, with some nice words on the Florent EP towards the end of the article -

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15th Dec 2011

I've been belly-aching against The Sun.

Here's three thoughts on the Leveson Enquiry. Two bad ones and one good.

1. The Leveson Enquiry hears evidence and testimonies, but we are not shocked. We already knew the tabloids were chasing glamourous women down alleyways. We knew about their harassing grieving families. We already knew they've stalked and spied and hacked into the lives of whoever they chose. The defense of tabloid journalists is repeated over and over: but we've always done it like this... what's the problem? In this sense its not really the tabloids on trial, since they did all their evil in plain sight. On trial is a society that has knowingly hosted all this evil for years... an order that happily handed its people over to that racket of profiteers, to live under their dark narratives.

2. The Leveson Enquiry can bring no real change. We hope for regulations to be put in place, but any such regulation may be seen as the empire's empty gesture to a people who need reassuring that they're not being fooled around by their masters. Such 'changes' from the top are a means of curbing the possibility of the real change that comes from the people.

If we imagine the unimaginable, that the enquiry results in the shutting down of the Sun and all it's derivatives, we see that even this does the people no good. They would just feel that the men in suits are patronising them and confiscating a part of their identity. They would continue to identify themselves with that enslaving order and go looking for similar evils elsewhere.

Only the people themselves can bring real change. It is the people themselves who must overthrow the tabloids by finally rejecting them and emerging from that oppressive order. It is unthinkable that Leveson would shut them down, and it would be an ineffective gesture if he did. But it is not inconceivable that the people could shut it down by not buying it anymore, and if it happened that way then there would be no market left for any other such crud. It happened to the News of the World and it didn't take long.

3. The Leveson enquiry does create a moment of possibility... a moment of clarity when an antagonism can, and must be awoken between the sheep and their crooked shepherds. This is the moment to ask the question to the working men and women of the UK: Do you think the Sun cares about you at all?

It is time for the gospel of Revelation, of radical non-participation in the empire's oppressions: "come out of her, O my people." We can overthrow it by not buying it.

13th Dec 2011
On rare occasions, I am stirred beyond my normal level of sarcasm and frivolity. This quote is simply too good...

 "It is hard to understand how an orthodox, evangelical, Bible-believing Christian can fail to be excited. The answers in the realm of the intellect should make us overwhelmingly excited. But more than this, we are returned to a personal relationship with the God who is there. If we are unexcited Christians, we should go back and see what is wrong. We are surrounded by a generation that can find 'no one home' in the universe. If anything marks our generation, it is this. In contrast to this, as a Christian I know who I am; and I know the personal God who is there. I speak, and he hears. I am not surrounded by mere mass, nor only energy particles, but he is there. And if I have accepted Christ as my Savior, then though it will not be perfect in this life, yet moment by moment, on the basis of the finished work of Christ, this person-to-person relationship with the God who is there can have reality to me." (The God Who is There [Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1998], p. 190)

12th Dec 2011
A bit of footage from the Broken Hearted Christmas recording session.
Alleyways are the new studios…
And here's a great review of everything Zang this Christmas

6th Dec 2011
That's right people, our new Christmas EP will be available on Monday...

2nd Dec 2011
KABOOM! Finally the Christmas Tree is here! Selina had been fighting it for the last month!

1st Dec 2011
Just got the first Christmas song up - Gabriel's Message by My wife and I...

Got the Zang Christmas mast up (look at the top of the page)...

Got the tree and decorations out of the loft...

Almost finished mixing the Florent Christmas EP...

Recording Benjamin Blower's Christmas Carols tonight...

Holy crap! It's almost too much!

25th Nov 2011
Mr Harrington's lawyers contacted me last night to demand that I put up a proper link to his video, not the shoddy one that I (alegedly) added the other day.
Apologies, but this should be better...

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